The other day I was looking at a little boy play with his Slime Jelly.


The blue blob would take whatever shape was required and would slide off his little palm with a simple flick.


He would squeal and scream in joy and try and hold it and create a totally different shape each time.


It got me pondering, what if we were willing to be that Slime Jelly. It had no point of view about what it could be and could not be, it kept changing as was required!



How many of you are really willing to change anything at anytime?


How much do you function from, “this is the way we do it, this is the way we have always done it. How’s that working for us?  


You have to be willing to change anything. You have to be the Slime Jelly and not the rock


No form, no structure, no significance is recognizing what can be changed and when it can be changed, not trying to live from the past and what you created then.


Nothing has form, structure, or significance. Everything is malleable and changeable.


How much of your life would you like to have malleable and changeable?


How much of it are you trying to create as form, structure and significance?


When things have no form, no structure, no significance, change is easy. Difference is easy.


When you make anything have form, structure, or significance, you lose the capacity to change.


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