These Small Hours - For the Love of Bailey

"Our lives are made
in these small hours,
these little wonders,
these twists and turns of fate;
time falls away
but these small hours,
these small hours still remain"

- Rob Thomas, Little Wonders


“Bailey, a blind 95-lb Collie-cross, came into our lives to teach us how to live life in awe and wonder, beyond fear and without limits. She may have been blind, but Bailey instilled deeper vision in us all. We adopted her, but in many ways she rescued us.”
– Verna Lee Bowen, Author

A special note from Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty, author of Little Wonders, after hearing about Bailey and how this song impacted the telling of her story:

"Dear Verna, let me first say that Mari and I are so sorry to hear about Bailey. As you may or may not know, LITTLE WONDERS was written about our rescue, TYLER, and since his passing, it has become even more special to us each time I play it or we hear it Also, let me congratulate you on your book. It's quite a feat to actually finish one Best of luck with everything. See you on the road."
- Rob Thomas

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What Readers are Saying
"The thing that most struck me about 'these small hours' was the idea that we have the tendency to wait for the perfect situation or opportunity and end up missing out on a lot because of it.  The message I took from the book is to get off the sidelines, participate in life, and it will always be worth it."  Clint Balla, Calgary, AB 
“Dearest Verna, your beautiful story of Bailey touched my heart so deeply. You conveyed the love and joy of owning such a very special pet. Best wishes to you always.”  Penny Grundy, Calgary, AB
"Bravo, Ms Bowen!  I sat down to read the first chapter before starting dinner and didn't stop reading until I turned the last page. Forever more, when I hear a jingle ball, I will think of Bailey's story with a smile in my heart. Dexter and Buddy are in loving hands.  For that, I am thankful."   Dianne Patzack, Calgary, AB