This 33-page e-Book includes:

-The do's and don'ts of detoxing
-28 delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes
-Fruit and vegetable shopping list
-Fun water recipes
-Tips on staying accountable
-Ideas to avoid stress
-Journal pages

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Reboot Your Energy

Finally feel yourself again. Regain your youthful energy and zest through this natural, fruit and veggie detox. You probably have yo-yo dieted since high school, wreaking havoc on your metabolism. Calorie restriction, fad diets and processed foods put your energy levels all over the map. Regain your sense of self. If not for you, for your family's sanity. No one likes a hangry family member (hungry and angry)!

Lose Weight

Detoxers have experienced 5 - 15 lbs lost with this proven 7-day detox diet. Although nothing can be guaranteed, detoxes have been used for centuries. A detox is a great way to kick off a weight-loss program or get over a weight-loss plateau.

Kick Your Caffeine Habit

Many of us are running on fumes each day and use stimulants to keep our energy levels up. In between errands, meetings, work and family we are brewing, drive-throughing, and ordering tea, coffee, and energy drinks. This 7-day detox diet helps end this habit and saves you money from your coffee cravings.

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