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Our Mission is to help you write your book in the simplest and fastest way possible, so that you can establish credibility, have your ideal clients knocking on your door, and therefore increase your profit in your business.

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Here's the Problem many Self Publishing Authors face:

  • Get Started and then Stop 
  • Go into Overwhelm mode
  • No Time, No Support to Continue!

  • After Traditional Publishing be left with Stacks of Books to Store!
  • Have to share Royalties with Publishers
  • Restricted to the Publisher's Marketing efforts
  • No Freedom to Market your Book your way

  • Without a clear Plan, a Powerful List of Prospects and an Effective Promotion Strategy, your Book is left on the Shelf!

  • A great Website, for a great deal of Investment - but No Book Sales!

After all the Excitement of writing, finally holding Your Printed Book in Your hands, Traditionally Published Authors are still not making an Impact or more Money with their Book - that's NOT the Outcome You're looking for, right?

Come on In We'll Help You Write Your Book from Start to Print

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Imagine this:

Being asked to lead a $20,000 Project

Easily being offered TV Appearances

Getting Your Products into Retail Stores

Getting invited to Speak at an Industry Conference you've always wanted to be part of

Invitations to Speak, Travel and make Your Offers and be hired for $349,000!

...all #BecauseofyourBook being an International Bestseller!

Come On In, We'll Help You Make a Difference with Your Book


Here's the 5-Step, Easy to Follow and Quick to Implement Process:

Step 1

Find the Hook for Your Book 

  • Start with your Reason: How will your book grab more attention, get more leads, increase your sales, and grow your business?
  • Who's Book is it? Target Market Worksheets to drill down here
  • 100 Topic and Title Hooks Cheat Sheet
  • Get them Hooked with Your Cover - Choose from the Top 50!
  • Create Your Book & chapter Outline in 1 Hour of Less

Step 2

Start with the End in Mind

  • Work our 5 Element Master Design
  • Repurposing Tips and Tools
  • What's in What's out Tips
  • Crystal Ball: Look into the Future
  • How to make Your Money Maps

Step 3

The Fast Path to Create Your Content

  • We show you how to Build your Content with Lightning Speed
  • The 10x2 Book Design Step by Step Worksheet
  • Grab the Q&A Style System
  • Using Story Telling made Easy
  • Learn the set Up and Editing Secret

Step 4

Using the Power of PR and Positioning

  • You'll learn how to Reverse Engineer Positioning
  • Mini PR Kit and Big Bio Builder Templates and Examples
  • Discover the Ultimate PR and Publicity Secret and use it
  • Digital Story Telling: Fall in Love with how Easy it is!
  • Rush the Charts using Campaigning rather than Promoting

Step 5

Publish and be Found Everywhere Now

  • Claim Your Awesome Author Page
  • Kindle and Co is the go - here is how
  • Build Your Book Selling 'Machine'
  • Go Paperback and keep all the Royalties
  • FREE Global Distribution Channel Roadmap

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1. Your Book Cover Done For You

Select the most Powerful and Highly Visible Cover Design for You and Your Book - We'll get it Done for You as You Start 

Simply Submit your Book Title and Subtitle and we’ll create a High-quality Kindle Book Cover and 3D promotional Cover to sell and Promote your Book!

2. FIFTY (50) Call to Action Text and Buttons

With these Templates, you’ll create your Professional Touch of Powerful Calls to Action

Simply change the Colours if you wish, fill in the Blanks and DONE!

Suitable for all your Marketing, Online and Print Media

No Designer or Design Software needed!

3. FIVE (5) Create Professional Marketing Material in Minutes

We've written it all for you, tweak to suit your Business and you're ready to go!

Create Professional looking Reports, e-Books, White Papers in Minutes

Fill in the Blanks Templates, just add your Text and alter the Colours and you're ready to Collect Leads!


Matermind Classes and Business Coaching Sessions

  • Individual Feedback Opportunities
  • Your Personal Q&A's
  • Direct Feedback on Book Covers and Titles
  • Marketing & Business Ideas
  • Promotion & Media Opportunities

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LOOK at these Awesome Results!

Roger Sramek- Your Sleep: Wake Up Refreshed!

His Purpose: to introduce his invented pillows and mattresses that have been clinically tested and proven to reduce snoring, sleep apnea and back pain into the market

Roger was offered to have his book sold through 56 Health Stores and sales of his range of products are skyrocketing!

Yildiz Sethi - Be Rich and Spiritual

Her Purpose: to support and grow awareness of her Family and Business Constellation Workshops

Yildiz is now turning the book into online training packages with the view of easy online product sales and to reach a global audience

Sandi Masori - DIY Balloon Bible

Her Purpose: to get into corporate functions and grow her business

Sandi got booked for 48 TV appearances and has expanded her business, now receiving requests to decorate corporate functions - as well as doing DIY Balloon decorating workshops. Her business has tripled within just a few months and her online DIY Balloon Art Video Courses are selling daily!

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