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Hi, Sigrid de Kaste here, from Stickybeak Marketing!

I'm sure you know there are (3) three foundation pillars to grow your business: 

1. Increase your number of customers

2. Increase the average transaction amount per customer

3. Increase the number of transactions per customer

That's the formula, that has not changed

But did you know, that what HAS changed is the way you ATTRACT new customers and clients?

Some of the most common complaints I hear from business owners and people starting a business is they don't have any or enough customers/clients,they don't have a lead capture page, they don't know where to begin, they're not technical, all the way down to they don't even know what a lead capture system is.


What if you could Attract New Clients and Customers Easily, starting right Here, right NOW?

If you want to know how, simply start with this step by step program and I send you access to 30 Days to 30 New Clients immediately

Be aware, this is NOT a one pager or a drawing you don't understand how to use...

...but rather a complete step by step program where you'll get 100% of the proven strategies to set up your System for Client Attraction with nothing held back, the way we show all our paying clients - and you get it for FREE!


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Discover the Steps it takes and set up 30 Days to 30 New Clients:

1. How to Attract New Clients

What it means and Where to Start


2. Audio/Video Scripts and Page Text

Fill in the blanks and you're ready


3. Nurture System Details

Autoresponder Email Text Ready to go


This process is broken down into these virtually 'paint-by-the-numbers' sections:


1. Why attract new clients/customers       

2. What has changed in Lead Capture        

3. Over 50 clear ideas what to offer

4. Offer creation check list            

5. Converting Lead Capture Page Text

6. Video/Audio easy to follow, step by step script

7. The tools to use to do this

You get everything you need for 30 Days to 30 New Clients!

This is the complete course material you get access to for FREE. It is designed for business owners who are serious in wanting to increase clients/customers.


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