New Tesla's Light Chamber

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Why is it called The Light Chamber when there is no lights in it?

What does it do?

Discover the Nine Octave's

Walter Russell had amazing insights to the elements and the way motion projects life.

Find out what this really means and how your understanding of energy will be expanded.


Learn the principles of double vortexes and you will discover the principles of life.

This knowledge will take your personal growth to new levels.

Finding the Source of Life

God-Consciousness and cosmic awareness of the Light of the divine Presence within every man and women is the next step in the spiritual nature of mankind. To find this presence one has to be able to be centered.

With the new Light Chamber you will find it easier to become centered as the Vortex energy in every cell becomes balanced and energized.

Walter Russell took on the scientific world of his day to correct the many errors that were leading man away from enlightenment.

Nikola Tesla was great believer that mankind would one day evolve to a deeper understanding of Vortex energy and how it could benifit them.

The Tesla's Starhenge Was designed to be able to correct the patterning that no longer serves us and create new connections with the Source of Life.

The Light Chamber Takes the concept of Vortex energy to new heights, helping to balance the double vortex energy within every cell.

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