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Rhythms of Life

The discovery made by the creators of Heart Rate Variability System made it possible to find the keys, giving the opportunity to decipher the information hidden in the pulse which in turn let them access a combination of rhythms.

Every rhythm operates in a time scale, the longer the oscillation periods are, the lower the frequency of the processes which it defines.
In mathematical terms, the most short-period oscillation is the cardiovascular regulatory system. (know as the Rythmogram)

Taking It To The Next Level.

In Designing the Heart Quest system, the latest achievements in theoretical and clinical medicine and physiology were used, and a number of new highly informative health evaluating indices are offered.Heart Quest is a unique piece of educational and research software
that gives you valuable insight to one’s health. Using a special device that reads the pulse, coupled with powerful software give’s you clear insight to one’s wellbeing.

Test Overview

Heart Quest - the digital analyses of biorhythms - is a hardware-software complex, intended to analyze human heart and brain rhythms extracted from an electrocardio signal in the broadband frequency.

This test is based on the short‐term HRV analysis of resting heart rate recordings of 5 minutes long.

However, analysis of the ECG is not only the main objective of Heart Quest; the program can allow a much deeper look and insight into the mysteries of the heart rate.


Find Out Your Energy Vitality For:

Heart - Nervous System - Hormone System - Brain Patterns - Voltage - Amperage - Life Force - Aura - Chakras - Meridians - Indian Doshas - Daily Forecast - Biological Age -Emotional Health -View Parameters.

Heart Quest uses the latest advancement in computer technology to bring Fractal Neuro   Dynamics   alive   so that it can be easily seen and understood and assist in making good decisions for our health.

Objective Proof.

HeartQuest supplies you with objective proof as to what direction your health is heading.  Are you getting better, worse or staying the same?

If your system is not able to adapt  to stress, (physical, mental/emotional, or chemical) then it is very hard to be healthy.



Key parameters being measured.

One of the key parameters being measured is the Autonomic  Nervous System. This system regulates 90% of your body’s functions without you thinking about it. It is made up of 2 branches-- the Sympathetic nervous system, also called the flight or fight system, and the Parasympathetic nervous system that calms down the physiology after a stress.

Controlled breathing program.

The controlled breathing program in the HeartQuest is a very valuable education program to balance the autonomic nervous system and tone the vagus nervous system as it is customized for you after your reading.

You will then be able to see 1st hand the effects on the Autonomic Nervous System and if they are improving your adaptive capabilities.


The Meridians.

The HeartQuest Sysytem is bridging the gap between eastern and western physiology.

This information is derived from analyzing the heart rhythms and breaking it down into specific frequencies. High frequency, Low Frequency and very low frequency.
Within these frequency ranges there are found very specific frequencies that relate to each of the meridians found in Chinese medicine.


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