REVEALED: How I always find the right Employee, increase Employee Performance and achieve Employee Motivation with my Team Development Formula (and I never have to fire an Employee!)


5 Practical Steps to

Find and Keep Great People

TO:....all Business Owners and Managers who want Employee Satisfaction but struggle to find the right Employee and struggle to retain the right Employee and cannot motivate Employees to get the Employee Performance to get the job done well.

FROM:  Sigrid de Kaste, Business Owner and Business Marketing Consultant with a long history in Retail, Management, Marketing and Team Development always achieving Employee Satisfaction and better Employee Performance

If you are looking for a way to find the right Employee, achieve Employee Motivation and great Team Development and Employee Satisfaction creating Employee Motivation to get the job done right the first time and every time the right Employee who will get you the sales and keep your customers coming back

.... then this Team Building and Team Development Book is perhaps the most important information you read all year. Big Call? Maybe. Here is why:

Over 5 Years I Researched and Recorded this Crucial Information:

  • 3 Steps to Change Problem Employees and achieve Employee Satisfaction
  • The staggering Secret to more sales with less Staff but the right Staff Training
  • Why the Right Staff Training in place creates Employee Motivation
  • How with the Right Communication You Never have to fire an Employee
  • Why your Leadership Style and Staff Training makes or breaks you business
  • How to create goals every Employee wants to achieve
  • 3 Ways to motivate Employees to accomplish Powerful Objectives
  • The Secrets to finding the right Employee every time
  • What never ever to reveal in Staff Training
  • …and heaps more to create the Perfect Employee Performance in your business


Let me just explain:
Since the day when I was still an apprentice and I beat my boss in a country-wide customer relations competition and won a trip to the Bahamas, have I realised there are a number of easy communication steps I can put in place to engage others to work with me rather than against.

Over time working in retail, sales, management and staff training I have refined these steps until I created a complete employee satisfaction system when I owned a number of my own businesses and needed to motivate employees.

I never had to fire an employee! Achieving employee satisfaction and to motivate employees so they'd work with enthusiasm allowed me to take time off and enjoy seeing my grandchild's first steps!


Here is what some of my Team are keen to share with you:


As a past employee of Sigrid, I can say that communication has always been her strong suite.

I enjoyed the fact that she was always approachable and open to hearing/ trying different ideas.

I never felt that sense of 'dread' that usually accompanies having to discuss something with your boss! I would happily work with her again in the future.

Alana D.
Gold Coast

So what does it really take to Motivate Employees?

I constantly come in touch with business owners who find it difficult to achieve employee satisfaction and ask questions like these:

  • How do I get my staff to follow instructions?
  • When is the right time to say NO to staff asking for time off?
  • How will I attract loyal, hard working employees ?
  • Why can I not get my team to make the sales quota?
  • How do I deal with a worker asking for a pay rise?
  • What can I do to motivate employees to follow up on customer enquiries?
  • And many more questions like these!


Introducing the Simple and Easy, Step-by-Step Approach

to Perfect Employee Performance

  • How to set yourself up as a Respected Leader
  • Step by step Job Description Process to find the Right Employee
  • All you need to know about Staff Training
  • What creates Motivation and how you can use it to your advantage
  • 7 Best kept Communication Secrets to create Employee Satisfaction
  • How to provide Easy, Inspiring Team Building and Team Development
  • 3 Steps to make Projects fun for your Staff
  • The essential Process to change Problem Employees with Staff Training
  • Why Appraisals work and how to put them in Place
  • What you must never, ever do if you want the right Employee
  • Why Goals are important and how to set them in Team Development

...and many more hints and tips, including easy to follow summaries


This eBook has Heaps of Pages packed with Powerful Information for you to find the Right Employee in your Business!


...never fire an Employee ever again! you find information to achieve Employee Satisfaction!


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Throughout this book are tips and steps to help you set up your Team Building and create loyal, motivated employees who will perform to their best ability without you spending huge amounts of money on getting in consultants and HR firms.


Running a business should be about having the Right Employee in place to do a fantastic job for you so you don't have to.


Here is what others are saying about this ebook and how I set up Team Building and Team Development to motivate Employees and create loyal, more productive, making more sales Staff while I could take time off

As business brokers and business educators we have had the opportunity to ask hundreds of business owners about the intimate details of their businesses, and we have found that one of the most commonly raised issues is staff management.

This is why this book is so important. Sigrid has built her business success through her unique staff management techniques, and she has now condensed her insights into this excellent introduction to successful staff management.

Matt and Liz Raad


Anyone who finds themselves in a leadership capacity should have this e-book. It's packed full of ideas and tips to help you become a fantastic leader and get the most out of your team.

Don't leave home without it!

Dr Shirley Mcilvenny


Wow! Sigrid de Kaste is sharing her wealth of management and business building experience to build YOUR wealth.

Her book is chock-full of practical strategies and simple processes to make sure you get the best possible value out of your employees.
It's all you need to make your team work better!

Save a fortune on management courses and textbooks and get hold of Sigrid's street-smarts you'll get the results you want, for sure.

Catherine Palin-Brinkworth FAIM, M.AppSci (Soc.Ecology)
Business Strategist, Professional Speaker and Business Educator


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