Your life is a reflection of how you are treating yourself.
Being the master of your Universe, are you creating the life you desire?
Or are you stuck in the drama of blame, shame and guilt?
What would it take for you to treat yourself in the way you should have been treated?
In this interactive series of calls, Nilofer and Nimi will facilitate you to create your life from the space of immense kindness for you and others.
In this reality, kindness is  widely misinterpreted as putting others above you and giving all that you can.
However, true kindness is the willingness to perceive other people's reality in totality and give them what they can receive.
Would feeding an elephant's diet to a mouse be a kindness or meanness?
This series will help you to recognize the places where you are mean to yourself and transform your self judgements through kindness.
You will also reclaim the parts of you that were frozen in time by dissolving the limiting stories created from your childhood experiences resulting In greater relationships.  
Please don't sign up for this experiential telecall series, if you are not willing to create a phenomenal life for you.

7 Days

7  Calls


Is Now The Time To BE KIND? To YOU?