Embrace Change, Embrace Challenge, but more than anything, Embrace Disruption.

-John McElligott

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Scott Drzycimski

This is a story every community needs to hear. John clearly explains disruptive change and how it's about to change business, the workforce and your community. It's a bit frightening to hear John talk about all the change that's coming, but also exciting to think about how our communities can embrace change and benefit from it. From requesting a ride-share online to riding in a car driven by a computer., change is here and more is coming. If you are a leader in business or economic and community development, you need to hear John's message and consider what it means for your company and your community.

Maureen Sharkey

John’s thought provoking content about the pace of change, artificial intelligence and the need to embrace disruption wowed me at a Pennsylvania Economic Development Association conference and made me proud to introduce him at a national Utility Economic Development Association forum where he took the house down. He is young, energetic, well prepared and personable, super-intelligent and engaging, and on the cutting edge of innovation, a five-star addition to any line up!  Highly recommended.

Sam Statz

I recently was fortunate to hear John speak about the topic of “disruption” (with regards to technology) and how it is going to be affecting us in our lives.  His passion on the topic was evident and his knowledge just as impressive. I also spent time with John 1:1 but if you get the chance, I recommend you attend a session or if you are fortunate enough, pick his brain 1:1.

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