What Your Social Profile Says About You 

You've got a LinkedIn profile and people are asking to join your network all the time. You've also assigned a (junior) staff person to post something on Twitter and Facebook. But you don't know if the time is well spent...and you certainly don't know how to budget for online marketing going forward. Let's talk about how your activities are working for you - or not. 

Your Mini-Audit and 47-Minute Consultation will deliver the following: 

  • Introductory analysis of your social media properties 

  • Discussion on how activities are helping-or hurting your business 

  • Preliminary ideas on where to start for a strategic approach 


Yes! I want that FREE Mini-Audit and 

47 minutes consultation with you.     




Here's what you get from my coaching program

Weekly coaching sessions to become a Social CEO

Smart installation of networks to grow your business

Training or Done-With-You-Crew  

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