30 Days Of Magic In Action with Nilofer Safdar & Friends 

Here is what is included in this AMAZING special offer!

  • The Moments Of Magic Summit is over. What next?
  • What if you could BE, Do, Have, Create and Generate Magic everyday for 30 days?
  • What would your life and living and future be like?
  • I have created this NEW 30 Days Of Magic In Action Series
  • You can play with the tools of Magic everyday
  • We will play together through a Facebook group.
  • Everyday I will post a Facebook Live video where I will share with you some tools to create MAGIC in your life
  • There will be surprise guests who will bring in their own magic.
  • Come play - Get the 30 Days Of MAGIC In Action Series 


  • TOTAL VALUE: $350 All for JUST $100 
  • Yes, Nilofer ! I want permanent access to 30 Days Of Magic In Action at the value price






  • If your life was more magic, what would that be like?
  •  What magic are you willing to be?
  •  Universe show me more magic. :) 
  •  What else is possible with magic?
  •  What would it take to create magic beyond your wildest dreams?!!
  •  What magic and miracles have you created and not acknowledged?
  •  What would it take for money, wealth, abundance and riches to show up in your life now as if by magic? 
  •  What invitation to Magic can you be today?
  •  What are the possibilities for your life and the planet when you be the magic you truly be?
  •  Could your life and your business use a little more "magic" in creation?? Are you truly creating your business? Your life? What else is possible now that you've never considered?
  •  Are you ready to be the magical leader of consciousness you truly be??? 
  •  What magic and miracles can you BE to expand the consciousness on this planet exponentially??? 
  •  What if your body was a compass or guide to the secrets, mysteries and magic of life?
  •   Here's just a taste of the magic that is possible with choice ... and creation! 

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