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Finding the Source of Life

God-Consciousness and cosmic awareness of the Light of the divine Presence within every man and women was taught by many of the great Spiritual men, Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within you, as did many others including Buda and Krishna. The next step in human evolution is the spiritual nature of mankind, to find this presence within, one must be able to be centred.

Nikola Tesla designed the technology to help us to become centred, physically, mentally and spiritualy. You will find it easier to become centred as the Vortex energy in every cell becomes balanced and energized with Tesla's Technology.

Nikola Tesla was great believer that mankind would one day evolve to a deeper understanding of Vortex energy and how it could benefit them. He also invented many devices that would help people to improve from sickness and disease, as he had a very good knowledge on how the electric universe and the body electrics worked. Tesla's Lifestyle products are based on his work. You will learn in the training inside how this can benefit your life.

Walter Russell took on the scientific world of his day to correct the many errors that were leading man away from health and enlightenment. He gave to the world text books that explained why Nikola Tesla was able to invent many of the 13 hundred plus patents that Nikola registered. His work is a must to understand energetic healing and without people will continue to go around in circles. You will enjoy this knowledge in the training inside.

Fortify your life with Tesla's, these packages are designed to meet head on the Electromagnetic and Geopathic stress and make life a lot easier to manage. Once inside this training you will be able to understand why so many people are agitated and unwell due to Electromagnetic and Geopathic stress. You will also discover what you can do about it.

Tesla's Next Gen Was designed to be able to correct the energetic blockages and the patterning that no longer serves us, this technology helps one to reconnect with the Source of Life. You will also learn in training that by accessing the Vortex energy how it can take you to new heights as well as helping to balance the double vortex energy within every cell.

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