Do you find it Difficult to turn off that Negative Mind Chatter?

Are Worrying Thoughts Over-Powering, Consuming you to the Point of Overwhelm?

Learn to Stress-Less

Master Your Mindset

Re-Discover Happy, in 42 Days!

Hi, I’m Charmaine Renaud, I help women to stress-less, to calm and be themselves while living life to the full. No longer nurturing everyone else but themselves. To feel invigorated and supported as they transition through life while aging gracefully. 

…these women want to reclaim their lives to feel fantastic again.

 If that sounds like you, this Program is for You!

My personal journey of recovery from ill health ignited my passion to empower women just like you to live happy and healthy lives, whatever age!

Live Happily in the Present

Release the Past and be Happy Now


Create Freedom for the Future

Give yourself Permission to be You


Re-Discover the Joy in You

You are Unique, you deserve to have Fun

Imagine - In Just a few Weeks...

You'll Be Ready to Step Into Life With Excitement again, Experience Something New That You Love, Every Day, Reclaim Your Energy and Joy and have all the Confidence That Comes with Being Happy and Healthy!


This is the first step! In this Program You'll have everything you need to take advantage of the most powerful Mindset Mastery and Start feeling Fantastic again

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Here is How it Works and What's Included in the Program:

There are (6) Six Sessions to this Powerful Program

For your convenience, we hold these Sessions LIVE Online, NO travel, you stay in the Comfort of your Home or Office!

The Program Sessions are Time 7:30pm - 9pm:

  • Tuesday  29th May
  • Tuesday    4th June
  • Tuesday  11th June
  • Tuesday  18th June
  • Tuesday  25th June
  • Tuesday   2nd July

This is what you discover in the (6) Six Sessions:

Do you worry that your thoughts are over-powering, consuming and negative? Does it sometimes feel like there’s no end to the mind chatter? 

There is a solution!

Sometimes thoughts and ideas are not yours at all, but those of other people from  past life's experience. Isn’t it time to let these negative ideas and self-talk go?

To master the mind chatter we are offering the chance to help for you to understand why you do the things you do, and learn daily tools to help you. Taming negativity and worrying thoughts to feel happier, calmer and more self-assured.


Session 1

  • Understand why you do the things you do
  • Discover simple yet effective tools to tame the thoughts
  • What the 5 Health Habits are

Session 2

  • Journaling, what is it and why is it Healthy?
  • Affirmations - does it Really matter?
  • Create your personal Enjoyment list

2. Do You Love Yourself and Who You Are?

Can you truly say to yourself:

     “I love and accept myself exactly as I am!”
     "I love who I am and how I look!”
     “I am happy and feel loved all the time!”

  • If you didn’t answer yes to these statements, then the next part of our Program is defintely for you!
  • Loving yourself is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself and to those around you.  Thoughts condition what you look like, what you do and what you say. Reflecting to your external world of how you live and react.

Session 3

  • What is Positive Imagery and how does it Work?
  • Discover what you could really think and feel about yourself
  • Childs Play?

Session 4

  • Ways to improve Self Confidence Fast
  • Activities to live life fully - no regrets!
  • How to make Choices and Love them
  • There are seasons for joy, sadness and achievement, along with family, and work as life evolves throughout the years.


  • As time changes letting go of past anger and resentment releases a freedom to enjoy the workplace, travel for adventure, discover new hobbies, or shift home.


  • Releasing family ties of cutting the umbilical cords that ties life together may even entail leaving the comfort zone of security, regular habits or fear, often a daunting task and in some cases invigorating.


  • Discovering how to Release old patterns, brings Freedom and Newness finding an amazing person within giving permission while leaving the past, to be and do what you really want - is what the final two sessions of this program address

Session 5

  • How to let go of what no longer serves you
  • Discover the power of Calm
  • What are Strategic Words affect your life?

Session 6

  • Release old Patterns
  • How to bring Freedom and Newness to your Life
  • We Reveal your Personal Identity

Here is what Women say after they've Experienced this Program:


  • “I can love myself again and be happy.” Mrs BL 42y, Arana Hills


  • “I feel I have more self confidence to say what I feel about things and there is no longer a need to bottle my thoughts. The "saying" may take the form of a journal entry but I have put "it" out there rather than dwelling on "it". I feel calmer and more contented withing myself. Mrs RH 67yrs, Samford


  • "I realised I need to focus a lot more on myself, give myself time and treatment to allow my body and head to heal." Mrs LD 61yrs, Boondall


  • "A lot more positive, better able to turn that 'negative head off' (and with less drama), a stronger belief in myself." Ms HD 47yrs, Woody Point



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About Charmaine Renaud, BHSc: 

Charmaine Renaud has helped thousands of people to regain health and vitality in her natural health clinic, which she established over twenty years ago in Brisbane, Australia.

Her Industry Certified Qualifications in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Remedial Massage, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Chinese herbs, AcuGraph and related modalities are a strong factor in achieving outstanding health and wellness results for her clients.

Charmaine’s personal journey of recovery from ill health back to happiness ignited her passion to empower women to live happy and healthy lives, she has created her proven signature program ‘Five Simple Health Habits for a Wonderful Life’.