How to Avoid Making the

#1 Biggest Mistake when Selling your Business:

NOT being Prepared for the Buyer!

You are a Business Owner, maybe a Baby Boomer, who’s worked hard for years and built a great Business.
It’s time to Sell Your Business, reap the rewards – yet Buyer after Buyer looks & does not buy!


Great Business, well established, yet not selling at Value!


There are 7 Important Areas in your Business that make up the Value – You want to highlight them for your Buyer

  • First Impression counts!
  • Have your Business ready for the right Buyer!
  • A potential buyer likes to envisage themselves working in a well organized operation

Whether selling privately or with a business broker you need to have a good understanding of your business buyer and what is most important to them!


Here is the PROVEN System that helps you

Stage your Business: 


Increased Value

Featuring your best  assets expands interest among potential buyers of your company. 

Stronger Positioning

Enter negotiations with confidence brought by knowing your strengths.  


Enhanced Reputation 

Sold for Premium Results!

Meet Sigrid and Sharon who have created this 7-Step System -  Tested and Proven -  from their Personal Experience Staging Businesses for Sale.

"We're Seasoned Business Women and Marketing Experts who have helped clients to successfully sell their business...and OUR OWN. Top Results were achieved with each Sale!

Our System shows you how to position your business for your big payoff!

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You are in good company!

Look at these Examples of the 7-Step Staging System helping to Enhance the Sale Value of these Companies. 


Successfully Retired President of Affordable Storage Sharon Romank 

Leveraged solid systems and our marketing strategy to sell her company in record time.


Brisbane Office Supplies

While many Office Supply Businesses struggled to sell, even closed down, this one, SOLD inside a week of Listing based on the 7-Step Staging System to Sell Your Business


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Increase the Value, Positioning, Reputation

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Important Attributes of Value in a Business



The customer list or database of a business is its lifeblood. So, of course, this is an area of great value. But it is the QUALITY of a list that increases the monetary worth more than the size.

Many businesses have no list recorded, at all – or the database exists but email addresses have not been kept up-to-date. There is enormous potential to quickly multiply sales and merit in any of these businesses.



Buyers and Investors will pay more for a high performing system, especially those with a supercharged customer database. That's golden. Franchises are a great example – they are sold for 3 to 5 times multiples of profit and even fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars when they are brand new and showing no profit. This is mostly because of their strong systems.



Land and property - or the bricks and mortar part of your business - are conventional ways for a business to be assigned worth. Today, there exists a new class of ownership having exchange value:  intangible assets. These include patents, copyrights, franchises, innovative software solutions to run a business, computer-based systems - and social equity. 



Today we live in the "Reputation Economy". Your business brand refers to practices that translate into positive impact: social equity and financial stability that reflects well on your company, stakeholdres, and customers. There is value in a brand because it reduces the risk of the business, and it can increase the profit multiplier significantly.


Again, take franchises for an example. This business model reflects the value of the brand and strong systems means that a well-known retail franchise can sell for up to 6x net profit. It also means that a store can bring a healthy buyout, even with zero profit.


But you don't need a franchise model to enjoy increased net profit. Our 7-Step Staging System gives you the Selling Advantage to achieve Peak Value



The intellectual property of a business relates to the unique aspects of the business. This may be specialized products or services, an innovative design, or distinctive system. These things may be protected with patents or trademarks, or they may be hard to replicate because of the time, research and money required to develop them.


These qualities increase value by making a business more competition proof. The more differentiated and protected the intellectual property, the lower the competition, so the more valuable the business is.

This 7-Step Staging System shows you how and where to Increase the Value in your Business and Return Maximum Value on your Sale.

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