The Women's Health Hub Inner Circle

Ready to Learn how to Practise being focused, gaining momentum being confident, clearing your negative mind chatter and creating personal calm in your everyday life, while having fun doing things that make you HAPPY?

Who is the Women's Health Hub Inner Circle for?

Home Maker Women

Working Women

Professional Women

So many Women like You say:

  • People make me feel insignificant
  • I can’t get past the negativity
  • All I hear is other people’s sad emotions
  • I Feel life is too hard to change
  • I Believe I can’t change myself or the people around me
  • It is so Difficult to get out of my comfort zone – 
  • I’m afraid to take action, afraid to let go and join a group
  • I Feel like being pulled in all directions
  • I Find it difficult to speak up

What I really want is a Life of Calm, Confidence and Contentment ... I want to be HAPPY

Don't go it Alone!

Too many women embark on a journey of gaining calm, confidence and contentment alone, trying to sift through hundreds of strategies and build their life of health and happiness on their own.

As a result of all this trial and error, they end up running out of time, money, passion or faith in themselves.

After seeing this happen to too many women, when they arrive worn out, tired and sad in my health clinic, I, Charmaine Renaud, decided to create an opportunity for women to learn directly from my most successful strategies every month with personal, done-with-you, fast-tracked calming, health & confidence building sessions...


So, What Exactly do you get as a Member of the Women’s Health Hub? 


  • Weekly Uplifting, Feel-Good, Calming Messages
  • Monthly Meeting Sessions that help Unlock your Fear & Guilt
  • Confidence-boosting Discussions with other Women like You
  • Learn How to overcome the fear and doubt that keeps you stuck 
  • The Exact Framework to build a Happy, Healthy Life
  • What you need to focus on first, second, third daily so you Eliminate Overwhelm and take Consistent Action
  • All easy, from the comfort of your home! We meet Online, no traveling time!

Here’s how to get started and make it happen for YOU. Start now by joining the Women’s Health Hub:

Join Now for just 

$29 per month

Don't go it Alone!


About the Women’s Health Hub Founder: Charmaine Renaud BHSc

Charmaine Renaud established her own natural health clinic over twenty years ago, and has helped thousands of women to regain health and vitality.

Her personal journey of recovery from ill health, and her passion to empower women to live happy and healthy lives, have driven her to create her proven signature program Five Keys to Calm, Confidence & Contentment.

The Women’s Health Hub is her Vibrant Community of Women, ready to take on Life and Live it to the Fullest!


Charmaine Renaud BHSc