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Hi, it's Sigrid de Kaste here                         

I guess you're 'over' the stress and anxiety that comes from "bits 'n pieces' marketing" and you've realized it all starts when clients connect with your message!

If you have that sinking feeling that, instead of attracting clients with your marketing, they actually turn their head the other way, then this is probably perfect for you to achieve that difference you're after!

'The Money is in Your Message' program is designed to help you turn that around, but before you jump in and pay me one cent, I want to make sure this is right for you.

First, I want to spend time asking you about your business, where it’s at and where you want to get it to. You see, everything you do in your business is best reverse engineered from the end goal you have in mind, including your message!

Without clarity nothing works. So here it goes:

Simply send me below details now and you'll receive a Questionnaire in return. Answer as many Questions as you can, send it back to me. Then set a time via the link you'll receive in email two and we'll 'meet' online. From our meeting we'll both be able to decide if this is right for you.

...and the meeting is exactly that, a meeting, NOT a high pressure Sales Pitch!

One more thing, this program is for committed coaches & consultants who are serious about building a professional, income producing business.

It is priced at US$5,500 and runs online, once a week over 6 weeks.

If that amount breaks your bank, then stop now. This is NOT for you.

However you may wish to contact me and check out our DIY programs. One of those may be perfect for you!

Want to see if this fits? Apply Now!

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The Money is in Your Message - Make it Stick!

Your Clients are Looking for your Services, make sure it's in your Message !




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