Are Your Ready to Learn the Art and Practice of the Spiritual Science of Vedic Astrology? 

If you are wondering what your Life Purpose is...or you are searching for detailed Insights into your Relationships and are curious why your Career takes off or just limps along at different times...

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This is a course packed full of information and delivered in a structured way for easy learning. You have: 




Vedic Astrology allows you to Experience the Power of Your Spiritual Path and Karmic Cycles

Learn about Vedic Chart format, Horoscope signs, Planets and Houses and how they Impact your Life in Relationship, Career, Health, Finance and more

Find out about Favorable and Unfavorable Houses and Planets and their Effects

Discover how each Planet can have different Effects for each of the 12 Horoscope Signs

Learn about Symbology and Spirituality of Vedic Astrology that grew out of the Yogic and Ayurvedic Traditions

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Use Vedic Astrology for:

General Predictions

Psychology, Life Cycles



Finance, Karmic Patterns


Spiritual Progress

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