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Rapid Core Healing is also Recovery From Sexual Abuse training

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Rapid Core Healing is also
Recovery From Sexual Abuse training. 

The practitioner may choose according to what kind of business they have.

Full Rapid Core Healing or Recovery From Sexual Abuse is composed of 3 training components.

Rapid Core Healing / Recovery From Sexual Abuse training components

The 3 trainings:

1.         Emotional Mind Integration for personal sexual abuse and/or trauma

2.         Systemic Family Constellations for Systemic sexual abuse and/or trauma

3.         Rapid Core Healing final component to assist you in integration Emotional Mind Integration with Systemic Family Constellations into Rapid Core Healing.

What is Rapid Core Healing?

Rapid Core Healing a deeply foundational modality that may be used for a range of relational, personal and generational issues, trauma and sexual abuse for a truly wholistic and effective service for your clients.

The bonus in doing this full training is that you will be able to work with a range of personal and generational issues, mental health and trauma, as well as sexual abuse in 3-5 sessions for most. 

Emotional Mind Integration (EMI).

Emotional Mind Integration can stand alone as a modality that will transform the way you work and delight your clients with speedy change and results. For personal disturbances, conflicts, underlying dynamics of sexual abuse and trauma.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations may also stand alone as a modality for systemic issues for relationships, parenting, self-esteem, repairing attachment bonding, changing generational patterns , generational trauma and sexual abuse.

Each of these ar epowerful but together they become much more than the component parts in providing unified wholistic approach

Dates of Online Live trainings 2020

Emotioanl Mind Integration 12-15 October

Systemic Family Constellations 206 November

Rapid Core Healing 7-11 December

The structure of Training

Is a combination of online composite training composed of recorded webinars, worksheets, exercises and information and the course book Rapid Core Healing

This is designed to work through at your own pace and to attend the live online practice course dates for the experiential components.

The format is designed so you can become really familiar with the theory and philosophy prior to the experiential component. 

You will receive your certificates after completion of the final components and approval of case studies.


        With Rapid Core Healing for Recovery From Sexual (RFSA) you may work with: 

  • Relationships
  • Depression,
  • Anxiety,
  • Panic,
  • Self esteem 
  • Sabotage,
  • Trauma
  • Changing Patterns in both
  • Systemic (generational) and personal issues

    in 3-5 sessions for most clients

Special Discount available

Booking your place

 If you book all three trainings together you may receive 15% discount off the full price at New Dawn. 


 You may book and pay for each one separately

 Here are the Separate component details and Fees so you can compare

  Family Constellations $4900/ Early Bird $3937

  Emotional Mind IntegrationI  $3200/ Early Bird $2800

  Rapid Core Healing $2000

  Full price $10,100.00  
 ( Early Bird prices are not available on the 15% discount.)

  Special Price with 15% discount is $8437 if paid on entry into the courses

Total Recovery From Sexual Aabuse/ Rapid Core Healing training - 150 hours 

Please read Cancellation policy and conditions of the Course.

Do not book flights until you have confirmation that the practical component of your course is taking place in person.
If due to Covid-19, people from all states of Australia are not able to attend the practical component, it will take place at the same dates and Queensland times but it will be online (zoom).

No cancellation is possible once you have access to the full course online.

If you miss the practical components you will need to be complete this part in the next available course for completion.

You will receive your certificate when all components are completed and approved.


The training involves personal and professional growth, however it is primarily training and not personal therapy. It may result in intense emotional experiences, so for this reason becoming a trainee requires significant maturity, awareness and personal development.
While we make every effort to make sure that you are safe and secure at all times, participants are required to accept full responsibility for themselves  in terms of your emotional and psychological wellbeing.
It is your responsibility to seek personal assistance with a therapist if necessary during the course.
It is your responsibility to let us know of any physical or mental health issues you have. Feel free to contact us to discuss your suitability for the training prior to booking.

You can pay by Direct deposit or Paypal.

Make sure that if you use your debit/Eftpos that the payment does not exceed your daily limit(normal Eftpos is $1000 daily limit).
You will receive a registration form to be signed, completed and sent back to me ASAP. 
You will receive your link to the training program in normal business hours after payment and our receipt by email of the filled out and signed enrolment form. 

Direct Deposit


If paying by direct deposit please email me to let me know you which course you are enrolling into and that you have made the payment.

You will receive a registration form by email to be signed, completed and emailed back to me ASAP. 

You will receive your link to the training program in normal business hours once I have received payment and the filled out and signed enrolment form. 

For direct deposit, make the payment to 
Family Constellations BSB 124 012 Account 23036608. 

Sorry I can’t take payment plans in the online course programs.

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15% Discount $8437.00 for full Recovery From Sexual abuse training. For direct deposit, make the payment to 
Family Constellations BSB 124 012 Account 23036608. 
Email me to let me know of your payment and I will send you a registration form by email. Complete and sign it and send it back to me as soon as possible and I will send you the link within normal business hours.

Make a difference with Recovery From Sexual Abuse training (RFSA) !!


This is a project under the umbrella of Family Constellations with Yildiz Sethi