Want to Write a Book? | Have a 'rough' Idea? | Don't know where to Start?

In this Workshop go from Confusion to Clarity

How to Write your Book


...and you do NOT need to be a 'writer!

...and you do NOT need 'more time' to write!

I'll show you exactly HOW & WHAT Writing a Book can do for YOU

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FRIDAY 3.March 2023 - 9am Brisbane, Australia

This is the best Time if you are in:

PDT Vancouver, CA – Thursday 2.March

MDT Mountain Daylight - Thursday 2.March

CDT Central Daylight - Thursday 2.March

EDT Boston, MA – Thursday 2.March

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Here is what participants are saying about this workshop:

"Thank you for today, much appreciated!

What an inspiring time spent with Sigrid, she really gave me such clear insight on what I really needed to look at in writing a book, it certainly opened my mind and gave me new ideas. Her steps and explanations  to take were clear, it took the overwhelm out of putting a book together.
If you are looking for someone who is highly successful and has the expertise you need, look no further than Sigrid."
Tebeth Shukura Hamon


"Dear Sigrid,
thank you so much for the highly informative webinar. I already published a book and wish, I had known your method and the important questions to ask beforehand. It makes the process so much smoother and certainly more successful.

What a treat to have the webinar as a live event where I could ask you questions about my planned book!

You impressed me profoundly with the ease you answered my questions - questions I had been mulling over for months. Not only the answers about book publishing but also about establishing authority in my home country, where this method is rather unknown, were very much on point.

Again, thank you so much! "


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