Need better Marketing? | Have no real Idea how? | Don't know where to Start?

Marketing Makes You, Your Book, Your Business Visible

Uncover exactly WHAT Marketing you need | Design HOW to Market you, your Book, your Business | Walk away with a Complete Marketing Plan


3x #1 Best Selling Author, Business and Marketing Consultant and Coach,

Sigrid de Kaste is the Founder and Director of Stickybeak Marketing

...and was nominated for the 'Telstra Business Woman of

the Year' Awards in 2015 in more here

Profit with Purpose

What you get:

In our time together I'll move you from that current Confusion WHAT to do next, how to Market yourself, your Book or your Business, to Clarity about EXACTLY what it takes to get you more Visible and Clients knocking on your door!

With my help, you'll learn what your strategy needs to be and we will map out the steps and actions you need to make a difference and make more sales and attract new clients.

Whatever is not working right now... sometimes it's just something you don't see because you don't know, we'll move the 'blind spot' aside and find how to market your Passion, your Direction and your Position for you, your Book or your Business!

Work with Sigrid

4x 60min Marketing & Strategy Session

US$1,850 ONE OFF Payment

"I cannot speak too highly of Sigrid’s professionalism, commitment, inspirational qualities, and willingness to go the extra mile (or 10).

There are zillions of marketers, but Sigrid knows the marketing field inside out, and is a master of the technology that goes with it. She is a listener, a supporter, and a friend.

Frankly, if you have a concept to market, want someone to motivate you, I would recommend you don’t even think of going to anyone else. I have learnt from her, have been amazed by her work ethic and her dedication.

She’s also a lot of fun, and that’s important too. So thanks to Sigrid, difficulties and tensions get resolved and you are left each session with her feeling better about yourself and your idea/product. She’s unique. and uniquely good at what she does."

Martin Best MA FRSA FISM

The Corporate Theatre, The 3:4 Code of Inspiration