and use your social influence to help enlist others!

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Get your influencer kit for Project: UNREACHED!

You don’t have to be a major influencer to influence change.

The International Day for the Unreached is May 19th, 2024. On this day, we shine a light on unreached people groups around the world, but we need people like you to help raise awareness. The best part is that you don’t have to wait until May 19th ...  you can start raising awareness now! 

  • Use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, X, Threads… it doesn’t matter. 
  • Use your own voice to talk about it!  
  • Make it unique, make it you, do something! 

We want to see how you do it!
Please make sure to use the hashtag #athirdofus and tag us @athirdofus.

We'll provide the tools. You provide your influence!

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